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Good Photography

Good photography is a very vast concept that includes a number of complex elements. Good photos, no matter how different they are from each other, will have something in common. Some of the factors that make photography good or bad are the lighting, symmetry, and focus.

Lighting in Photography

The lighting used in photography is one of the most important aspects. If you use natural lighting (sunlight), then the chances of your images coming out sharp and bright are pretty high. Using artificial lighting (ring light, flash, lamplight, etc.) can be a little tricky because you need to work in a controlled environment. You would have to use lighting that would be suitable to the type of photography you are into and the subject you are trying to capture.

Symmetry in Photography

Symmetrical images are always more appealing than the ones that are taken haphazardly and without much thought into them. When taking a photo, make sure to follow the rule of thirds to come up with a symmetrical and visually appealing image. The rule of thirds is basically dividing the frame into three parts and placing your subject and background in the frame in such a way that they are in two different parts of the three lines dividing the frame. You can divide the frame into three parts, either horizontally or vertically. That depends on the placement of your main subject and how you want to carry the rest of the elements in the photo. Following the rule of thirds will give you symmetrical pictures with the right focus and emphasis on exactly what you want to capture.

Focus in Photography

Focus in photography is also one of the most important aspects. Focusing on the right subject is the crux of photography because it would communicate to the audience what the photographer was trying to capture and show to them. A focused image has the power to communicate feelings and emotions because the audience would be able to see what exactly the photographer was seeing and trying to capture. When finding the right focus, you have to fine-tune your camera first to make sure the photos are sharp, rightly focused, and have the right contrast and resolution. But relying on your camera is not all- you have to manually focus the images as well to make sure they are not blurry or out of focus.

How to Take Good Photographs?

Taking a good photograph does not have a set formula. If you want to better your photography skills and be able to take good photographs, you will have to experiment a little with different aspects of photography. You will have to see what works best for you and consider factors such as lighting, focus, and symmetry that will affect the quality of your photo.

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