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Is Direct Mail Still Important? 

Since we are living in a digital age, most people communicate electronically. This is why most businesses have embraced the digital revolution and have done away with some of the “old-school” marketing techniques such as direct mail. Although advertising electronically is great and has its host of benefits, it’s also crucial to remember that direct mail techniques are still very effective, and the data is undeniable. Here are a few reasons why direct mail is significant.

Direct Mail has a High Return on Investment

It will definitely surprise most businesses that paid search and online ads give you less bang for your buck than direct mail. According to Direct Market Median, this advertising method has an average ROI of 29%, placing it firmly at third place behind social media and emails. Although email is ahead of the curve, you have to consider other elements of the practice. For example, the response rate of direct mail is at a measly 2.9% for prospect lists and 5.3% for houses. Additionally, emails have an average click-through rate of about 3%.

Can Work Great With Digital Marketing

Every smart business knows to pull in prospective clients from every channel possible. That is why smart marketers don’t just rely on social media ads and stay satisfied. They consider multiple avenues and even combine them where it makes sense to increase sales and loyalty to the brand from clients. For instance, digital marketing and direct mail can be a great combination to increase value to your marketing strategies. A business can send direct mail to their clients with a digital component such as a QR-code or website to promote web traffic. Combining the two effectively makes the message a lot more personable and more likely to be better received.

It’s Tangible and Interactive

As previously highlighted, most communication these days is done electronically. Therefore, when a business creates something nice a client can experience, touch and feel, it creates a connection that digital marketing simply cannot match. Whether it’s a brochure or a letter, its tangibility makes all the difference, astonishingly to a tune of 73%. If, for instance, several companies are vying for the same client through different forms of advertising, most of the time a client will gravitate towards the one offering something unique the others do not have. In this case, the one who sent the creative, attractive brochure. What’s more, something physical you keep seeing around will likely stay on your mind longer than a passing post on social media.

Works for All Age Groups

Since adults of all ages get mail, a business should never worry about not reaching a certain demographic. Although electronic advertising is effective, it does have its shortcomings. If a business solely focuses on social media ads and emails, the likelihood they reach the older demographic is quite low. The numbers show that only 46% of adults in America over 65 use Facebook. A further 33% of senior citizens don’t have internet, and only 62% of people over 70 years old use smartphones. Although these numbers may be growing, direct mail has the upper hand since it reaches everyone, young and old alike.

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