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Top 5 Things You Should Keep In Mind When You Are Designing a Logo

When people visit your business or website, you often only have one chance to make a good impression. Since your logo will be one of the first things the visitor sees, it’s a good idea to have something memorable. This is why great logos are often a result of significant time spent brainstorming and lots of creative effort. It’s imperative to keep a keen eye on the process because, after all, it does say a lot about your business. With that in mind, here are a few things to keep in mind when designing a logo.

Know Your Demographic or Audience

Knowing your target audience is the first step to designing a fantastic logo. Since there is no business without completion, you need to have a brand that not only stands out, but is also memorable. In this regard, knowing what your audience likes will help you create something with widespread appeal. This means knowing what colors, imagery, and concepts your demographic finds appealing. Therefore, you should design something that attracts people to the product.

Colors and Accent Colors

According to psychologists, people have a deep and instinctual response to certain colors, so the colors you choose for your logo will have big impact on those who see it. When designing a logo, different shades of color can have different meanings depending on how you use them. When deciding on a color, you should think about how you want others to feel about your brand.

Design for Horizontal and Vertical Spaces

Thanks to modern technology, today’s clients have information right at their fingertips via smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. Because of this, you need a logo that will maintain its integrity at any size on any device. That is why businesses should create responsive logos to remain clear and distinct whether blown up or scaled-down.

Design for Any Medium. Print, Digital, Promo Items

While a logo’s scalability is important to its impact, a business must also ensure that it relays the same message across different mediums. Sometimes logos on a pamphlet or business card look different from the ones on a website. Since your business will be promoted on different mediums, you must test the prospective logo on different products such as digital, print, promo items, and even digital content. Ensure the logo looks fantastic on everything.

Creative, Clean, Legible Design

Research says that the best logos have three things in common: they are easy to spot, replicate and remember. For instance, some of the most iconic and recognizable icons in the world, such as Adidas’ three stripes and Nike’s Swoosh, are very simple and can easily be replicated even by children. Unfortunately, new businesses are being created every day, and coming up with something simple and catchy requires significant effort. However, if done right, it could spike your brand recognition through the roof! Your logo needs to be unique, minimalistic, and easily legible.

If your business needs a great brand, let us make sure that you get it. Our fresh and authentic designs will make sure that you stand out and get noticed! We take care of all your branding concerns so that you can effectively deliver a superb product or service.

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